Wellington Chocolate Factory Organic Milk Chocolate Bar (75g)


Delicious Fair Trade Organic Milk Chocolate

How to Use It

Every moment of chocolate is a delight. Wellington Chocolate Factory gives you more to feel good about, with less guilt. Made from fair-trade Peruvian cacao and organic New Zealand milk, this treat is rich, chocolatey goodness.

Why buy it
  • Beautifully presented and delicious tasting
  • 2018 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award winner
  • Highest quality cacao beans from the mountains of Peru. Single-origin, fair trade
  • Organic milk solids sourced from The Dairy Hub Co-Op
  • Certified organic, non-GMO
What's in it

Ingredients Cacao (35%), organic cane sugar (30%), organic milk solids (25%), cocoa butter (10%)

Allergens: Contains milk. May contain traces of oats, malt, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts or sesame seeds.


Size 75g

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