Pure Start Organics Baby Sleeping Bag


100% organic cotton baby sleeping bag

How to use it

Versatile enough for winter or summer, this will keep your little one snug, cosy and comfy for sleep time. With sleeping bag clips at the top for easy dressing, it's designed for safety and comfort. 

Layer down with a singlet or short-sleeved bodysuit in summer, layer up with a snug onesie or pyjamas in winter. See the table below for recommendations. 

Room Temperature Clothing Guide
28°C (82°F) Nappy
26°C (79°F) Singlet
24°C (75°F)

Short-sleeved bodysuit
22°C (71°F) Long-sleeved bodysuit
20°C (69°F)

Long-sleeved bodysuit & pants or all-in-one
18°C (65°F)

Long-sleeved bodysuit, pants or all-in-one & pyjama top 

Why buy it
  • Made from two layers of 100% organic cotton
  • High quality fabric maintains softness and look over time
  • Adjustable for size as Baby grows
  • Machine washable
What's in it
100% Certified Organic cotton

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