Organic will save the world. That’s what we believe.

Okay, it’s not quite that simple - but the thinking behind organic culture will be an important part in a sustainable future.

Organic Store NZ is a passionate player in a big, forward-thinking game. Founder Hoover De Baron has always been a staunch advocate of organic, and this online store for Kiwis is his way of making organic choices easier and more accessible.

What We Sell

Everything in our store is either Certified Organic or uses organic ingredients. That means we’ve checked its credentials - that’s part of Hoover’s passion. 

We specialise in non-perishables. For now. That includes canned goods, condiments, sauces, snacks. It also includes organic cleaning products, skincare, makeup, organic baby and toddler accessories and clothes - our range is expanding daily.

You can search, click, buy, and it’ll be delivered to your door. That’s pretty easy, and that’s how we designed it. 

Why Organic

Industrialisation brought a great deal of progress to the world, and we have much to thank for it. But along the way, we forgot that humans are part of the world’s ecosystem. We have to co-exist with it.

Organic culture recognises the importance of sustainability, working within ecosystems, and minimising the use of unnecessary additives. At all points of food and commodity production

Organic understands that healthy soil, air, bird and insect life are essentials, not ‘nice-to-haves.’

Organic is about eating and living as purely as possible. It’s not anti-science, it’s using our understanding of nature to live our best life.

Why Organic Store NZ

We created our eStore for one purpose: to make buying organic easy.

When it’s bookmarked in your browser as your regular go-to, or better yet you’ve signed up for regular deliveries of your favourites, you don’t need to shop around to find what you want.

We’re also helping offset your net carbon footprint. Less driving around for you, fewer distribution networks, more efficiency. 


Take a look at what we offer at Organic Store NZ. You’re not just doing yourself a favour. You’re helping our vision to promote a more sustainable, eco-aware future through Organics.